Our staff is well trained and equipped to monitor the production, distribution and efficient storage of original and its derivative products. The Supply Chain at Avkul Marketing reflects the business strategy, operations and objectives of the company in terms of product sourcing, purchasing, transportation and finally warehousing and distribution. We understand the distinction of each product and treat them with utmost care to maintain the quality and hygiene. This has motivated us to set up a management system to analyse and control critical areas like appropriate storage facilities for fragile products (like hay, rice, dates).

The 7 key sectors within the Supply Chain are :

  • Strategic Forecasting
  • Seasonal crop cycles
  • Purchasing and Demand Planning
  • Transportation
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Integrated ERP and Supply Chain Systems
  • Strategic Partners.

Avkul Marketing has developed a supply chain (which we call a value chain) enabling a customer-centric approach that includes sophisticated technologies to create a new, more robust set of standards on a high scale. Considering the time sensitive nature of our products, we have also tied up with all local & effective service provider transporters.

We combine the latest technology & design one of the most effective local distribution networks. Using the latest Forecasting Software, we create a delivery schedule to meet the customer's needs; while ensuring inventory optimization.

We have a modern fleet of trucks to deliver products straight to our customer location direct. We keep on working out to ensure efficient distribution of products to the local market and complete service along the supply chain.

With us, respect and recognition of team achievement, inspiring creativity and innovation is a way of life. We challenge our team with 'reasonable' tasks and support communication and exchange of ideas and concepts at all levels. We believe innovative thinking is a prerequisite, research and development indispensable.

Training sessions and various HR activities are conducted to stimulate and help our employees grow throughout their employment with us. We also place high priority on the health, safety and career development of our staff.