Hi Friends ,
Greetings From Avkul

Our mission is not only to be a profit oriented company but also a service oriented. While working in this industry what I realized is that we are buying and selling our products like other products in the market without knowing the fact that whether the chosen variety product is suitable for your region or site where you want to use our product. I could see many growers going in loss due to high mortality rate and very less yield or no yield even bankruptcy due to ignorance. This could have been avoided if the growers had chosen right product and type for their soil. This means our mission is to educate the growers and give them the right plants for good yield and plenty harvest that would not only help uplift the economical condition of growers but also an opportunity to market international standard fruits in our own country.

Our endeavour has always been to provide quality products. We have adopted scientific methods of operations, stringent hygiene control systems and efficient management protocol to cater to rural sector. We undertake the social responsibility to develop sustainable project solutions that unleash the full potential of the agriculture economic engine. Our main privilege is to provide affordable products to the farmers and our customers. We strive to reduce losses incurred by weather-related disasters and implement a successful operational module to combat climate changes. All our methods are compliant to the sustainability and preservation of a 'Clean and Green' environment.

ur vision is to sustain and increase our role as regional experts on food and agriculture. We adhere to a policy of maintaining an integral and long-lasting relationship with our clients and partners. We have incorporated the latest technology to save precious water resources. Our prime objective is to cultivate huge lands in rural areas in OUR country for generating employment. We also invest in infrastructure and coordinate efficient supply chain activities. We are coherently working on CUSTOMERS AWARENESS programs with OUR various CUSTOMERS IN RURAL AREAS and strategic partners. On behalf of Avkul Marketing Pvt. Ltd. I emphasize on the Group's commitment to achieve excellence as a standing criteria for all products and services that we provide to our valued customers.