We are identified as one of the most prominent supplier and marketers of high quality bio. Organic agro fertilizers in the country. We have a sturdy manufacturer through which we produce extremely effective agro fertilizers as per the industrial need. Our array of fertilizers includes plant stimulant, micro nutrients, growth promoters, vermin compost, bio DAP and many more. Additionally, we are among the widely acclaimed supplier & provider of blended with essential non chemical compounds, our fertilizer helps in the growth of plants thus ensure more crop yield.


Avkul Multivitamin is a specialized product for gardens as it works as a growth promoters. It contains a enzyme named as brassinolide. Compatible use of it helps to plant grow effectively and efficiently. MVI is a boon for farmer who’s living sources are their gardens only. It reduces unwanted growth of plants. AVKUL MULTIVITAMIN (MVi) helps to restrict the unwanted growth and enhance protein level in plant.

Reduces unwanted growth.

Maintain the growth & protein level.

Use full for all types of gardens.

Enhance enzymal activities in plants.

Works as a flower booster.

First spray should be in between 30-40 days and second spray should be after 15 days of first days for effective response.