We are identified as one of the most prominent supplier and marketers of high quality bio. Organic agro fertilizers in the country. We have a sturdy manufacturer through which we produce extremely effective agro fertilizers as per the industrial need. Our array of fertilizers includes plant stimulant, micro nutrients, growth promoters, vermin compost, bio DAP and many more. Additionally, we are among the widely acclaimed supplier & provider of blended with essential non chemical compounds, our fertilizer helps in the growth of plants thus ensure more crop yield.


Green grow is a very best combination of humic acid and some other essential component which plays a vital role in the growth of plants A leave can inhale only 16 % humic acid with its stomata (Stomata are the pores available on outer skin of leaf which allows oxygen, carbaon dioxide & water to move into & out of the leaf ) Humic acid helps to fasten the seed germination. Seed must be soaked in green grow before sowing in soil in the ratio of 1 kg of seed/2-3 ml of green grow. Can be sprayed with the quantity of 30-40 ml/spray pump/acres. GREEN GROW works as a multipurpose growth promoters as it contains 16% of humic acid.

It increase carbonic reaction.

Enhance enzyme reaction.

Increase the absorption power of other elements.

Root expansion takes place.

Improve seed germination and emergence.

Chelated & enhance availability of nutrients.

Increase NPK utilization.

Increase the vitamins level.

Increase the vegetative growth.

Make the plant strong and healthy.

Mainly Used For; All type of Plants.