We are identified as one of the most prominent supplier and marketers of high quality bio. Organic agro fertilizers in the country. We have a sturdy manufacturer through which we produce extremely effective agro fertilizers as per the industrial need. Our array of fertilizers includes plant stimulant, micro nutrients, growth promoters, vermin compost, bio DAP and many more. Additionally, we are among the widely acclaimed supplier & provider of blended with essential non chemical compounds, our fertilizer helps in the growth of plants thus ensure more crop yield.


Copper plays a very important role in the process of food making. Deficiency of copper may leads to causes of browning in wheat called as Medanosis. Younger leaves become curl & twisted like pig tail which reduces the plant growth cell development. Leaves become light green. Use of COP PLUS helps to cure the plant from the disease late blight (Kapdia) in potatao’s plant.

Reduce the deficiency of copper in plant

Escape the higher plant from fungal disease.

Maintain the temperature of plants and soil.

Increase the process of food making by taking part in photosynthetic process.

Leaves become young on time, Equalized all the biological & chemical process in plants. Leaves remains greeny, large and erect.

Mainly used for : Potato, Tomato, Cotton, Onion, Cauliflower & Peanuts.